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How to Win at Pac-Man Using the Top Three Patterns

How to win at Pac-Man has stumped even the most experienced gamer at some point. While the game itself is very easy to learn, mastering the game can be a real challenge. This guide can walk you through some of the most challenging parts of the game, by providing you with the three commonly used patterns of movement that most Pac-Man enthusiasts swear by. These patterns will help you to safely navigate a level and gobble up as many dots as possible, while fending off monsters and earning a higher score.

How to win at Pac-Man is easy, if you know the right patterns to follow in order to clear a maze. The three main patterns include the cherry, the mid-fruit, and the apple. These patterns have been used by Pac-Man enthusiasts for years and are designed to help you easily clear a maze of dots while fending off and killing monsters. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win when following these patterns, but they can help to improve your speed, your score, and the type of strategy you use in order to clear a maze while scoring big.

Keep reading to learn about the three popular Pac-Man patterns commonly used by pro gamers and how these patterns can boost your gaming skills and finally allow you to advance to the next level.

Scoring Big

Playing the game is simple enough. All you have to do is score as many points as possible by eating the small dots found throughout the maze. But for some, as the game increases in difficulty, getting stuck on a particular level can be pretty frustrating. Below you’ll find out how you can dominate the game and get past even the most challenging levels and rack up those points by using a few trusted patterns that can be utilized for every level, with the exception of the first pattern, which will only work for level one.

The Three Famous Patterns

In order to get through a level faster, you have to form logical patterns. The first pattern is called the cherry pattern. If you accurately follow one of these patterns then your player can easily outwit all of the monsters and gobble up most of the dots. Once you’ve memorized these patterns you can sit back and relax and rack up those points.

Cherry: Level One

Cherry: Level One

The cherry pattern will work only for the first level, however, the other two types of patterns can be used for every level, up to level 255. The other two patterns are slight variations of the cherry pattern.  To use this pattern you will begin by going left. You’ll need to ensure that you clear the bottom row of dots while trying to steer clear of the monsters. If you miss a dot and end up having to return it, then you’ll end up blowing the entire pattern. After you’ve gobbled up the dots a few monsters will go in for the attack, so you need to ensure you make the pattern as quickly as possible. Gobble up the energizer, and take care of the monsters that are coming for you. A fourth monster will then head your way. You can easily chase and kill him, earning sixteen hundred points. Next up, a few monsters will start to follow you. To conquer them, eat another energizer. And that’s it, level cleared.


The monsters in higher levels will not remain blue as long as they did with the initial pattern, however, you’ll find that the point value that comes with eating fruit will go up. As the speed increases, you’ll also notice that the tunnels become more effective. Begin by going off to the left in order to clear the bottom row of dots. However, this time you’ll need to retrace your steps. When turning a corner, don’t hesitate to kill the monsters that charge at you. Unfortunately, these monsters will be much faster than they were in the first maze. After these monsters are done in, go to the bottom to find the fourth monster and earn sixteen hundred points. The monster will chase you, so you’ll need to quickly consume the energizer at the top right in order to take him down.


This is the final pattern and it’s one that will allow you to easily gobble up most of the dots before you eat any energizers or destroy monsters. You can play these corners using your own style, but keep in mind that the monsters in higher levels are only blue for a very brief time. Try not to get greedy and go for all the monsters at once since you’ll probably only have time enough to eat one or two before they turn back. Unlike the cherry and mid-fruit patterns, you will only need to clear half of the bottom row’s dots before moving upward. During this time, you will need to guide your Pac-Man down to a corner and double back in order to trick the monsters into going right by you. Once the coast is clear you can resume your pattern and eat the two remaining dots in the bottom row. You will have to eat these dots as quickly as possible, then reverse and continue upward. If no monsters are on your tail, then you can take your time, since eighty percent of the dots should be cleared.

The History of Patterns in Pac-Man

People began learning patterns once Pac-Man became a big hit. You’ll notice that these patterns can be used over and over again, to easily clear a maze, however, keep in mind that you’ll need to determine which pattern to use based on the speed of each level. Of course, the speed in which the monsters move will increase with each level, while the energizer’s power will continue to decrease.

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Final Thoughts

How to win at Pac-Man can be as simple as following the right pattern or developing your own pattern to clear a maze. Remember, when you’re playing a game, take your time. There is no time limit when it comes to finishing up a maze and the monsters will not get any faster or more challenging the longer you remain in the level.