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How to Win at Arcade Games: Bringing Back the Classics

If you visit the arcade often and you feel like you end up wasting all of your hard-earned change on machines that don’t pay off in tickets, then this guide on how to win at arcade games can work to give you the edge you need. Our following tips and tricks can help you to get that prize you’ve been trying for before you spend all your money on a stubborn game that won’t pay out.

How to win at arcade games: Who doesn’t love ticket spewing arcade games that are both fun to play and offer tickets based on performance? However, there are some classic arcade games that seem rigged, only offering a ticket or two, or the game itself seems impossible to win. We’ve included some tips on how to win at the three most popular games that you’ll find in every arcade all over the country. These tips will help to give you an edge, so you’ll finally beat those seemingly unbeatable games and take home your hard-earned prize.

Read on to learn about these simple hacks and how you can use them the next time you and the family hit the arcade.

Classic Arcade Games

If you’ve struggled to get that claw machine to pay out, or if you’re looking for easy ways to get more tickets, we can help. Below you’ll find some great tips regarding classic arcade games that can help you finally hit that jackpot and get a game to pay out in tickets, big time.

Jumpin Jackpot

Most classic arcades and even modern ones have a Jumpin Jackpot. For many, this machine can be tricky and getting it to pay out in tickets can be a real struggle. The best way to use this machine to your advantage is to use your hand when you’re jumping, instead of actually jumping up and down. Most arcade staff would probably look at this as cheating, so you’ll need to be on the lookout before you give this hack a shot.

The Claw Machine

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Everyone is familiar with the claw machine. These machines aren’t just found at arcades. You can find them pretty much at any type of family-focused venues such as movie theaters and pizza joints. But if you’ve never been lucky enough to actually grab a prize with one of these machines, you’re not alone. Some people just have a natural knack for scooping up stuffed animals and toys, while others will not be so lucky and will end up grabbing air or losing their prize at the last second when it’s released from the claw once the clock counts down. Fortunately, there’s actually an easy hack you can try that will help you to finally win something with this fickle machine.

First, pick out the prize you want. If the toys are not packed into the machine too tightly, you can easily go for it. However, if the machine is full and the prizes are really packed in there, then winning will be a real challenge. Try to wait around for someone else to try the machine. If the claw looks like it’s too loose to grab onto anything, then it’s best to skip this game for now. But if it’s at least half full and the claw is grippy, then the machine is ripe for the picking. You may have your eye on a particular prize, but you need to choose your target carefully. If the prize is unobstructed by other prizes and is sticking out, and it isn’t located too close to the sides of the machine, yet it’s near the chute, then it’s totally winnable.

Stacker Games

Be on the lookout for the popular stacker game. This is the games you play that will reward you with a small prize. During a round, try pressing the stop and select button at the same time as the continue button. The goal here is to press down on the continue button until a row has emptied. If it works, the game will freeze, then automatically reward you with a prize.

Coin Pushers

These games are always popular at the arcade because most people mistakenly believe that they’re really easy to beat, only to soon realize that the game has taken them for a ride. Most coin pusher machines are rigged and are designed to let out only a certain amount of change or a small prize, a day. However, it can still be a fun game for the kids and can pay out, if your timing is right. Never waste more than one dollar on this game. If you find that the game is being stubborn in terms of paying out, don’t spend any more money. This type of arcade game is more about entertainment value than winning big, but there are some instances in which you can win a few bucks if the machine has made enough money for the day.

Ticket Hack

Modern arcade games are definitely stubborn when it comes to paying out tickets. You’ll be lucky if you get three tickets per game, in most cases. But with older arcade games, there’s a simple way to get more tickets per round. Instead of ripping off the tickets as soon as the machine spits them out, try slowly pulling the tickets out. If you do it just right, you can easily get several more tickets per game.

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It actually is, if you know what you’re doing and don’t fall into a ticket trap like so many people do. If you notice a game that you’re playing is being stubborn with a ticket payout, move on. Most older arcade games tend to pay better than modern arcade games. This can include the claw machine, skee ball, and the Jumpin Jackpot game. So, if you have your eyes on a particular prize, then we recommend steering clear of modern arcade games and sticking with the classics instead. To learn more, click here to read our article on how to hack arcade games.

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Final Thoughts

How to win at arcade games is totally possible, if you use the right strategy and show some restraint. For many, losing big on a simple arcade game can be frustrating, but don’t fall into the trap that the arcade has set up for you. If a machine isn’t paying off, move on to a new one. Remember, classic arcade games seem to pay off better compared to modern machines that will only spit out a ticket or two per game, regardless of performance. Knowing which machines will actually pay and which ones will just take all your cash and leave you with only a handful of tickets is the best way to earn more tickets and end up with that prize you’ve had your eye on since you walked through the door.

How to Win at Arcade Games: Bringing Back the Classics
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How to Win at Arcade Games: Bringing Back the Classics
Want to finally win big at the arcade? Then check out our guide, which will give you an edge and teach you how to earn more tickets from classic arcade games.