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Hack Real Arcade Games to Win Big

Arcade games tend to feel like winning is more about chance than skill. Many arcade games can be difficult to beat, even for the most skilled gamer, but these hack real arcade game tips can help you beat even the toughest machines, once and for all.

Learning how to hack real arcade games will save you plenty of time and money on your next visit. Since many gamers have discovered that most arcade games are based on chance instead of skill, these hacks will help to give you a fair advantage over rigged games that are out to steal your hard-earned coins and games that are really stubborn with their tickets.

As you can see, learning how to beat an arcade game can save you time, money, and frustration. Read on to learn how you can easily crush it the next time you’re up against a rigged game that’s out to take your coins.

Prizes and More Prizes

Most of us get sucked in by those small and large prizes that no one needs, but everyone wants. But do you really have to drop twenty dollars on arcade games in order to win a small stuffed prize?

Instead of relying on chance, there are hacks you can use that can work to beat any game. However, in the eyes of the arcade staff, this can look like cheating. But if you have your eye on the prize and want an edge over rigged arcade games, then the following tips will give you that edge you need to finally win one.

Save Your Money, There’s No Beating Cyclone

Cyclone is a popular game of chance that many people mistakenly believe is based on skill. If you’re familiar with this game, then you know it’s designed to test the user’s reaction time. The light travels around and around in a large circle, and the player’s job is to press the button once the light has reached a certain point. But even a person with a faster than average reaction time can easily lose at this game. The game’s algorithm is what will determine whether the player wins or loses. Basically, if you feel like testing your luck, then give this game a spin. But if you’re looking for a surefire way to earn some tickets, then you’re going to want to pass this game on by.

Deal or No Deal

The popular Deal or No Deal arcade game is based on a game show of the same name. To play, you have to keep your eyes on suitcases as they get shuffled around on a large display. One neat way to get one over on the game and earn plenty of tickets is to use your smartphone to record the movements of the suitcases and play it back in slow motion in order to determine which one is the prize-winning suitcase.

Following the suitcase with the highest number of points is almost impossible, but by filming the shuffling suitcases and quickly reviewing the footage, you can determine the position of the winning suitcase in a matter of seconds. Each round involves a total of sixteen suitcases, so choosing the right one can be a real challenge. But with this hack, you can easily rack up some tickets each round.

How to Earn More Tickets at Skee Ball

Skee Ball Game

Skee ball has been an arcade staple for years. If you’re a fan of this classic game, then you may be excited to play the digital version, which is referred to as digital skee ball. The digital version is also a simple ball rolling game, however, there are some great hacks you can try, that can earn you a lot of extra tickets.

In order to get some few extra power-ups, at no charge, connect your game to your Facebook. You’ll get awarded lane charger and straight shot power-ups, which will give you an edge during the headstart competitive play feature.

You can also use the lane bonus multiplayer feature to determine what shot you should take next. If another player appears on the right or left-hand outer lanes, then you should go for the one hundred shot, which will fall directly in those paths. Using a strong swipe you can easily score with this shot every time.

Make sure you always take into consideration special bonuses that a target point will award you. An extra ball is by far the most valuable. However, don’t forget to focus on hitting your target in order to avoid wasting your current shot.

At the end of a round, you may be given a chance to roll a ball into a spinning meter that will award you some extra points, which can translate into more tickets. Timing is everything. The right time to release the ball will all depend on how hard you plan to roll it, but we recommend waiting until the five hundred disappears out of view before you begin to release your throw. This way, you’ll manage to hit the five hundred on the return spin for most of these shots.

In Skee ball arcade, some of the boards tend to have more of a pinball feel. When you’re in one of these rounds, be sure you get plenty of bumper points, which will allow you to score higher and earn more tickets.

How to Get More Tickets from a Ticket Counter

Arcade hacks aren’t only about old and new arcade games. In fact, one of the best hacks out there involves tricking a ticket counter. If you want to score some free tickets when you’re at the ticket counter just jerk the tickets back and forth. This will cause the machine to mistakenly believe that you have more tickets than you really do, and it will give you more credit than you deserve.

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to hack real arcade games can help you to earn more tickets. While some people may frown on using hacks to win, considering many arcade games are rigged and are based on chance instead of skill, we look at it as a fair advantage and one that will end up saving you plenty of cash the next time you visit your local arcade.

Hack Real Arcade Games to Win Big
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Hack Real Arcade Games to Win Big
Learn how you can easily win more tickets the next time you find yourself at the arcade with these great hacks, and find out which games tend to pay off big.