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The Best Arcade Games On Today’s Market Reviewed – Full 2020 Guide

This site about arcade games for sale will take a look at some of the most popular models of arcade machines on the market, while learning about the features they have to offer and how each model rated with consumers. Our goal is to provide you with solid, helpful information on each product in order to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one.  These ratings are provided by consumers who have purchased each model. The ratings are based on a game’s ease of use, functionality, quality of cabinet, monitor and controls.

An arcade game can be the perfect addition to any family room or business.  Vintage and reproduction models share the same classic look, with lit marquees and bold designs on the hood and each side of the game, which makes them an instant focal point in any room.

So what should you look for in arcade games for sale? Start off by looking for a game that you’re familiar with and know you’d love to play. Were you a fan of the Galaga arcade machine? Or was Pac-Man your game of choice? Stick with what you’re familiar with. If you have a large family and want to purchase a machine the whole family will love then look for a model that’s loaded with a variety of games.

Consider the available space in your home or business before you buy and be sure to take measurements. Most models that feature the classic upright design can fit through a standard doorway, while sit down table arcade games for sale may not be able to fit through a standard doorway. Make sure that you double check the dimensions of a game before you order.

Now, let’s take a look at a brief comparison chart between all our selected models.

Top Arcade Games Comparison Chart

ProductNumer Of
Ms. Pac Man
blue gaming machine Check Price
5275 lbs$$$$5/5
Double Shot
black netted basketball game Check Price
184 lbs$$4.5/5
Arcade Cocktail Table
Commercial Quality Cocktail Arcade with 60 Classic Games review Check Price
412165 lbs$$$$$4.5/5
Namco Pacman Arcade
Namco Pacman Arcade Party Cabaret Arcade review Check Price
32218 lbs$$$$$4/5
Namco Cocktail Table
Namco Pacman Party Cocktail Home arcade game review Check Price
14184 lbs$$$$4/5

The Best Models For 2020

Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga Reproduction Arcade Game Review

blue gaming machine

Arcade Game Roundup Rating: (5/5)

The Ms. Pac Man and Galaga arcade game is a reproduction of classic games that have managed to still remain relevant in the gaming world. This product received a perfect consumer rating of five out of five stars for quality build, controls, pricing and overall user experience. This game is packed with a ton of classic favorites you enjoyed in the 1980s, or what collectors refer to as the Golden Age of gaming. Equipped with a twenty-four inch monitor and classic graphics on the cabinetry, this model weighs in at 275 pounds. A great addition to your home or place of business, this Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga reproduction will steal the show in any setting.

Double Shot Arcade Dual Electronic Basketball Game

black netted basketball game

Arcade Game Roundup Rating: (4.5/5)

Everybody loves basketball, right? Well, this arcade game makes it even more fun by adding a little competition to it all. The double shot basketball game comes with two hoops, netting on both sides and three smaller basketballs. It has an electronic counter for your shots and a timer to time the game. Head over to our full review to learn more about its unique features and characteristics!

Arcade Cocktail Table Multicade with Sixty Games Review

Commercial Quality Cocktail Arcade with 60 Classic Games review

Arcade Game Roundup Rating: (4.5/5)

The Arcade Cocktail table by Proarcades is packed with sixty different classic arcade games, which makes it the perfect option for a large family or a place of business. The full controls will allow the user to adjust the volume and the coin operated door can be set to quarters or free play. You can also choose from black, walnut or cherrywood for the cabinet finish.  Classic arcade games used CRT screens, but with this improved reproduction, you’ll enjoy a clearer, more vivid gaming experience with an LCD monitor.

Namco Pacman Arcade Party Cabaret Arcade Game Machine Review

Namco Pacman Arcade Party Cabaret Arcade review

Arcade Game Roundup Rating: (4/5)

The Namco Pac-Man arcade Party Cabaret arcade game is equipped with thirteen classic arcade games from the 1980s. Games include Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, Dragon Spirit and Rally-X, just to name a few. The included controls consist of four buttons and the classic style joystick. The game’s monitor measures in at nineteen inches and the cabinet, which is decorated with the classic Pac-Man graphics, is made from a durable wood. Because the joystick is a four-way as opposed to the classic eight-way, playing some of the games can be difficult without the ability to move at certain angles.

Namco Pacman Party Cocktail Home Arcade Game

Namco Pacman Party Cocktail Home arcade game review

Arcade Game Roundup Rating: (4/5)

For a typical arcade cocktail table this Pacman model stands out with its unique retro design and sturdy construction. It features 14 classic games which are meant to bring back your childhood’s memories back! There are a few downsides with it, though, starting with the price. If you want to learn more about its features, as well as the different advantages and disadvantages, head over ot our full review on it!

Arcade Games Buyer’s Guide

These days, it’s totally possible to realize your childhood dream of owning your favorite arcade games, and playing them any time of the day or night, right in the comfort of your own home. This buying guide is designed to give you an in-depth look at the choices available, how to choose a game that will be a perfect addition to your family room, and what to look for in terms of qualities, style, and features.

Owning your own arcade games can be a great way to spend an afternoon and it can bring back plenty of happy childhood memories of spending the day at your local arcade, trying to learn how to win at arcade games. But now, by owning your very own model, you won’t have to worry about forking over your hard-earned coins to get a higher score or to get a particular machine to spit out those tickets.

Arcades games themselves can add a special look to any family room and can be the perfect solution if you’re searching for a family bonding activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Why Buy an Arcade Game: Personal or Business Use

Many people who are searching online for an arcade game do so for one of two reasons:

  • They want to add a game to their family room
  • They own their own business and want another form of passive income

Both are good reasons to shop around for the right game, one that’s popular, sure to pique the interest of people of all ages, and one that’s designed to provide hours of fun and challenging gameplay.

Of course, if you’re looking for an arcade game for your business, you may need to put more thought into what type of machine you buy. Claw machines and basketball machines are always a popular draw for people of all ages, especially kids, and it can end up bringing in some serious coin. These types of machines can also be a better choice over a classic video game model, which may only appeal to certain adults.

If you’re looking for an arcade for your business, we recommend visiting other local businesses to find out the type of games they offer. You can even ask the staff how often these games are played and what type of cashflow you can anticipate each month. This can help you to narrow down your choices and purchase a game based on demand as opposed to the type of games you yourself would prefer to play.

But when it comes to an arcade game for home use, you’ll have more freedom to choose a game based on your own personal preference, or the preference of other family members. In this type of setting, classic video games are the biggest hit, especially when it comes to multicade models. Of course, electronic basketball games, skee ball, and pinball machines are also excellent choices. It will all be a matter of your budget, preference, and how much space you have to work with.

Styles of Arcade Games

There are countless types and styles of games to choose from. When most people hear the term arcade game, they automatically think of the large video game machines that feature classic games from the 80s and 90s. But in reality, there are many different types of games to choose from, each of which can add plenty of value to your place of business, or your home.

When you shop online for an arcade game, you’ll definitely be blown away by the different options available. You may even be surprised to learn that many of these games are very affordable. However, the price will usually depend on a variety of factors, which we will delve into a little later in our buyer’s guide.

For now, let’s go over the different game options to choose from, what each style has to offer, and what you can expect in regard to size, price, coin mechanisms, maintenance needs, and more.


An electronic basketball game set has been a staple in arcades all over the country for decades. This game will allow a player to brush up on their skills or test their throwing power as they launch basketballs through a traditional basketball net. These games can also be linked together, allowing for multiplayer use, for an intense and challenging head to head match of b-ball.

Claw Machines

Who hasn’t wasted several quarters in a claw machine at some point? These are the prize loaded machines kids love and parents struggle to beat. It’s a great machine for the family room or small business. And the best part? You can choose what prizes go inside.

Dance Games

Dance games have dominated the arcade for years. But not only are they entertaining, they can also be a great way to get your kids away from the TV and more active as they struggle to master complicated dance steps. The rise of the dance game began way back in the 1990s with popular games such as Dance Dance Revolution. These machines are perfect for users of all ages and can be the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors with the family.

Shooting Games

Most gamers have played this style of arcade game at one time or another. These are the games that come equipped with handguns or rifles and allow you to shoot in a wide range of settings, whether you’re a hunter, or battling crime on busy city streets.


These games may not interest everyone in the family, but dad will definitely love having access to his own personal golfing game. These games are often found in family restaurants and arcades and offer a great way to work on your swing while having fun.

Driving Games

Driving games are always a popular option among gamers of all ages. These arcade classics come available in a wide range of options including pod racers, jet skis, race cars, and more. When you own your own driving game, you’ll enjoy endless gameplay by switching the settings to unlimited play. Additionally, this type of arcade game can also help the player to improve their hand-eye coordination and work on their reflexes.

What are Redemption Arcade Games?

These are the wildly popular games that are available in many styles ranging from dunk tanks to skee ball. These games pay off in tickets, which can be redeemed for a prize. These games are incredibly popular in an arcade environment or family restaurant, but they can also make a great addition to your home.

Classic and Modern Video Games

These are by far the most popular type of arcade game that you’ll come across. Video game consoles include Galaga, Pac-Man, and modern favorites as well. You can purchase an arcade setup as a single style, which will play just one classic game, or you can opt for a multicade console, which can play five games up to a hundred or more.

Multicade Games

Multicade models are by far the most popular options, whether it’s for home use, an arcade, or small business. These machines often contain several classic games in just a single console, for a reasonable price. Basically, the fact that they offer so much variety makes them more of a popular choice for home use. They usually come with some great classics such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, and frogger, among many other games that buyers played in their childhood. The graphics may not be the best, considering these are classic style games, but for many buyers, it’s more about the nostalgia than anything else.

How to Choose the Right Game for Your Family Room or Business

Narrowing down your choices and choosing the perfect game can be a difficult task. But before you hit that buy now button, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Do you want a vintage game or a reproduction?
  • Who will be playing the game? Adults, children, or teens?
  • Where will you install the game?

Maintenance and Repair Needs

Some games are easier to care for than others and can involve simply dusting off the machine once a week, while other games will be somewhat high maintenance. Pinball repair and maintenance can require you to take apart a machine every few months to wipe down the playfield and inspect the components for damage. Additionally, if your machine ends up needing repairs, this can be pretty costly, depending on the make and model. Most arcade games will not require much maintenance. In order to perverse the game’s console art simply keep the game out of direct sunlight. The console should be wiped down and kept clean and free of dust and debris. Keep in mind that some games will need periodic software updates.

However, a game’s maintenance needs can also depend on whether you buy a refurbished model or a new one, as well as how often the game is used. Most video games will contain very few moving parts, which is why there’s not much need for repairs aside from some basic adjustments or maintenance. However, a vintage game may need more care and attention, in addition to replacement parts from time to time. In most cases, when you purchase an arcade game, it will come with a product warranty, with service and repairs covered for a determined period of time.

Tokens and Coins

If you’re purchasing a game for home use, all modern arcade games will come with the ability to switch to free play. If you’re purchasing a game for your business, many of these games will come equipped with a card scanner, dollar bill slot, coin mechanism, or token mechanism. Some parents prefer to keep the token mechanism active in order to limit the amount of time a child plays the game or to use gameplay as part of a rewards system.

Size Options

Arcade games will come in many different sizes. Some can be as small as a breadbox, while others are massive and may have a hard time fitting through your front door. Fortunately, the larger games will arrive in multiple parts, which makes transporting it and getting it inside and installed much easier. Before you purchase a game, make sure you take careful measurements of the space available in the home and check out the dimensions of the game you’re interested in,  to ensure that it will work for you and your home.

Most types of modern upright games are designed to fit through a standard doorway. However, the larger sit down style games, such as driving games, can be a tight fit when it comes to fitting through your door, especially if the game cannot be broken down into a couple of parts.

Electrical Requirements

In terms of electrical requirements, most models of modern arcade games will work for a standard outlet. However, if you’re purchasing a vintage game, we recommend checking out the game’s power needs before you buy.

Pricing Differences in Arcade Games

The price of arcade games can vary considerably. This is mostly due to the popularity of the game, the overall condition, and the size of the game. Of course, the rarity of the game you’re interested in can also be a factor. This is especially true if you decide to purchase a reconditioned model. These games often need to be overhauled and repaired, which can be reflected in the game’s price.

If you find cheaper prices for popular games online, these are probably reproductions, which means there’s no shortage of them available. Or, if you’re buying a used model, this can indicate the game is in need of serious repairs or has some cosmetic damage.

Final Thoughts

The best arcade games for sale can provide endless hours of entertainment for the whole family. The type and style of game you choose will often revolve around personal preference, with many gamers having their own favorite genre or they may have a love for vintage or modern games. Whatever your gaming preference may be, we’re confident you’ll find some great options on our site and a game the entire family will love.

The Best Arcade Games On The Market Reviewed - A 2019 Guide
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The Best Arcade Games On The Market Reviewed - A 2019 Guide
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